TEDxWaterloo - Marty Avery - 2/25/10


Selling without selling
Selling often has a bad reputation, but no business transacts without a sale. This keynote switches the focus to how people buy. When you focus on the buying everyone feels good–the buyer and the seller. This presentation is valuable for anyone who has to sell an idea, product, innovation or service. Learn why empathy, story telling and generosity are key ingredients to growing sales.
60-minute keynote or interactive workshop.

Design for Growth
Design thinking can bring prosperity to your business. If you want a fresh way to grow your markets and sales, you will enjoy these simple approaches. Clarify your key success metrics and how to create an environment in which you will achieve or exceed them. Constraints of time and resources may hold you back but they can also create opportunity for you to flourish—it all depends on how you look at them and what you choose to do. This session will energize your business building and help you to think differently about advertising and markets.
60-minute keynote or interactive workshop.

Elements for Engagement
If you are launching a new product, hosting a major event, developing a social media strategy or crafting a marketing plan, you will want to know how which elements are vital to maximize engagement and participation. This session covers the basics with inspirational visuals and unique stories.
60-minute keynote or 90-minute interactive workshop.

What if Jack Welch and the Dalai Lama shared a secret?
Organizations which thrive practice one key insight: prosperity depends on committed fearlessness. What does this practice look like? How to apply it when you lead, work and play so that you achieve that which matters most.
60 minute keynote.

Connecting with Strangers
As kids we’re taught, “Don’t talk to strangers.” But as adults, who you know is as important as what. A stranger may well hold the key to your dreams. Start connecting with the right people and find those who want to help you on your way to achieving your life’s purpose–or at least solve that niggling problem at work. Broaden your reach. Deepen your contacts. Connect to a world of support to get you where you want to go.
60 minute keynote.

Conference Jumpstart
You invest time and money to attend a conference or plan your event. Make sure participation is fun and worthwhile. This highly interactive session helps you, delegates and sponsors to connect with each other in such a way that goals are furthered and friendships started. Wake-up little wallflowers!
Highly interactive keynote 30-90 minutes.
Perfect as pre-conference session, opening presentation or morning-after boost.


Anger Kills: Save Yourself (and your Projects)
Ancient methods applied by contemporary masters are shared and practiced to embrace and redirect anger for creation instead of destruction. Hear what no one ever teaches you about what makes you (and others) angry and what to do about it. Acquire ways of repurposing anger to reduce friction, increase creativity and satisfaction with life.
90 minute or half day workshop.

The School of Unknowing
When the future is uncertain and feels a bit scary, you can freeze, fly, fight, gather and tend, or try something new. What you don’t do is as important as what you do. Optimizing your response to the unknown takes practice and an approach that fits with the world and the way you work. Marty explores how you can use methods practiced by designers and innovators to anticipate change, adapt to, and even catalyze it.
60 minute, half day, full day or 2-day workshops.

Restore, Renew, Reenergize. It won’t take long.
Do you ever start or end your day feeling exhausted?
Notice how some people or situations can grind you down or stress you out, and others pick you up? You can practice simple movements and mindsets to help balance out your energy and protect yourself from toxic people and potentially corrosive situations.
30-90 min presentation. Half day or full day workshop.

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