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Self Serve

There are a few tools that we almost always use with our clients.

Help yourselves to them. Make sure that you share and compare notes with the others on your team at work and at home. It might surprise you what you learn.


In order to be successful, you need to have a sense of what that looks like for you. Dreamscapes help to bring that into focus. They work for individuals, product development and company visioning. Creating and sharing Dreamscapes builds remarkable intimacy and awareness. Trust us. It’s not fluff to know and share what’s important to you. Download Dreamscapes.

Stop, Start, Continue

Deceptively simple, this exercise reveals a lot if you invest yourself in thoughtfully responding, then sharing your answers with your partner or team. See what you can hand off, take on, or simply just stop doing. Download Stop Start Continue Template.

User Guide

Software has user guides. Why don’t we? Create yours and share it. Talk about it with your direct reports and boss. Devise coping strategies for the areas that show potential for friction or drag. Next time you are hiring for a specific position in your company, get the potential new hires to fill in and submit a User Guide. It will tell you a lot! Job hunting? Bring your User Guide to the interview. Download User Guide Template.PDF  Download User Guide Template Word

Buying Cycle

We’ve all heard of the sales cycle, but we think that’s arrogant and treats your customers like widgets on an assembly line. Get deeper into their psyche and process by checking in with where they are on their buying cycle. There are opportunities to connect and influence at each stage—so relax. Download Buying Cycle PDF.

Advisory Board

We think that you should have at least 2 advisory boards: one for you personally, and one for your project, initiative or company. Download Advisory Board Guideline.

The Financial Post wrote a good article on the whys of setting up a board to advise you. Download it here.

Engagement Elements

This is a work in progress, borrowing and building on the work of Milk and Tales’ and Good Participation.

We consult this when designing an event, imagining or launching a new service or product, or creating a marketing strategy. Sorry it’s such an ugly layout. This is in Beta. Download Engagement Elements Board PDF

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