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Marty combines the mind of a scientist with the soul of an artist.

-Carol Hyams

You managed to break down the big idea into a systematic, logical approach, explaining the why’s and goals along the way. I had so much fun… learning how to create an awesome presentation (for which I was complimented by the client). I think you have an amazing talent to extract the essential, put it into perspective and relate it back to the big picture while pointing out the interdependencies and risks.
I trusted you quickly. I feel you are very knowledgeable and genuine, and know what you are talking about, and that makes you respectable.
You are truly an inspiration to me.

-Michele Hecken
President and Owner, Alpha Translations

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Marty, I just wanted to thank you again for a great week. I don’t think I’d fully understood just how much territory we’d covered until I spent last night (Friday evening) with a few actor and producer friends.

When I started telling them about our two days of pitching training and just how emotionally exhausting it was to be taken to task until even nuances were understood and appreciated, I was the belle of the ball. I think some of them would have whipped out notepads and started taking dictation if circumstances had permitted.

Anyway, thanks again. I’m looking forward to staying in touch.
For introverts like me, extroverts like you can be a real shot in the arm!

-Ryan Fitzgerald
Nihilonaut Productions

You inspire us to be better.

-Paolo Mizrahi
Owner, Absolutely Wild

Thank you for all your ideas. I love how your mind is always whirring- seeking out the possibilities. Exploring potential in your self and others. It’s a great quality.

-David Lavallee

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