What if your purpose is to evoke possibility?

Our Ideal Client

You want to create a robust, rollicking-good company where people are happy to come to work and to do business with you.

You are a maverick, or an inventor, or innovator, or genius with a leading-edge/ bleeding-edge or hard to understand service/product that makes the world better.

You want to get the word out to the right people about what you do and why they should care.

You have passion and a purpose that light you from the inside.

You care about yourselves and others.

You are generous with your knowledge and will share it with us.

You pay your bills on time.

You value what we do and who we are.

When you are happy with what we’ve accomplished together, you refer us to others who could benefit.

(Who you are not: a finger-pointer, a blamer, a saboteur or a victim–because life is too short to work with people who are egoists, mean or helpless.)

If you are the kind of person who when feeling unwell would take the responsibility to eat, sleep, exercise, meditate and laugh your way to health while connecting with your favourite health practitioner(s) or friends to sort of root causes, and then work through an action plan: you are probably a good candidate for What if?. We enjoy connecting people to other great people with unique processes and ideas to solve problems.

So if we can’t soothe what ails you, we very likely know just the person or team who can. Please take a look at our Smarties section to see the kind of people we mean.

Expanding what is possible to change what is.
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