What if money is only one currency?

About Us

A question is a powerful tool.

What If? is a locksmith to traditional thinking.

We delight in cracking the mystery around why success hasn’t been forthcoming in the way you wish.


What If? solves problems.

  Sales and marketing problems when there is not enough work with dream clients. Good work. Enriching work.

  Value creation problems when innovation, products, processes or services are missing the mark.

  Engagement problems when organizations, associations and service providers need fortify connection with their constituents.


Our solution set includes:

  Discovery: asking “What if” questions to fully grasp what’s holding you back.

  Reflection: thinking differently about the barriers and opportunities.

  Generation: turning sideways to view possible or probable solutions.

  Evaluation: choosing the most important and effective options.

  Design: constructing a strategy with focused tactics to invoke the right results.

  Implementation: this part is up to you–unless you want some help.

The power is in connecting with the right people in a way that’s meaningful to them. What if? creates the conduit.

What if you were connected to the people and processes that help you to prosper and flourish?

Expanding what is possible to change what is.
Calgary Alberta, Toronto Ontario
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